Natural Ways of Treating Low Female Libido
There are women who do have low sex drive and there a number of reasons that we can associate to it. Low female libido may actually be caused by physical problems with most severe issues related to this are disorders that affect the nervous system which cause nerve damage such as Parkinson's Disease, multiple sclerosis, stroke as well as diabetes.

In case that you got poor circulation, then there is a chance that your blood won't flow freely into your genitals. When such thing happens, it can make it difficult to achieve an arousal. This at the same time may inhibit your body's natural lubrication which then makes sexual intercourse to be both unpleasant and painful. Not only that, such can lead to Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) and liver disorder. If you're an alcoholic, then it can also aggravate the condition.

Our hormones play an integral role to our sexual interests and desires and having hormonal imbalance is enough to affect the sex drive of a person. Those who experience or is near to menopausal, pregnant or postnatal or perhaps has had a partial or a full hysterectomy has the possibility of experiencing low female libido too. To get some facts about female libido, visit

There are other medications that include blood pressure pills, anti depressant and even birth control pills that could lead to hormonal imbalance and low libido at the same time. Androgens in women have a decline of the testosterone as they age. On the other hand, there's a debate whether or not having low levels of testosterone especially in women have something to do with their low female libido loss and treating those who are experiencing low libido is proven to be effective.

For some other women, being able to have low sex drive is connected from psychological or emotional issues. A common reports that experts get here is stress. Since women are a lot more emotional than men, being in a stressful situations are affecting their life. From life crisis, marital issues, relationship with their loved ones, financial difficulties are all suspects for stress.

Being inactive or living a sedentary lifestyle has links for low female libido. Overweight can contribute to mental as well as physical issues like depression, fatigue, insecurity and even difficulty in breathing. Fortunately, you can all deal with this easily while naturally increase female libido to normal by exercising on a regular basis and at the same time, having a positive mindset.